5 Reasons Why Using Artificial Flowers Are Better than Using Real Flowers

At most events or celebrations, hosts typically opt for real flowers without considering a faux option. Artificial flowers are actually a more logical choice, and can still look stunning as décor or a glamorous centerpiece. Going with a faux flower selection at your next event may be a better idea, aside from the fact that they are possibly cheaper and easier to maintain. Some may argue that fresh flowers are simply incomparable, and offer vibrant colors and delicious scents. This may be true, and the reality is that both options are different. But it is still worth understanding the advantages and disadvantages of fresh and faux flowers before completely crossing one out.

This article outlines the top five reasons why artificial flowers may be a better choice than real flowers. Consider these explanations when planning your next gift, event, or birthday party. There are decent and comparable options for faux flowers; all it takes is a little research! In order to choose artificial options that appear real, consider your budget. Price reflects quality, but you will be able to reuse these flowers in the future or donate them.

1. Maintenance: Obviously, using artificial flowers requires much less care than real flowers. There is no need to water the plants, offer them sunlight, or provide plant food. Instead, you can simply dust off a faux bouquet and it is guest ready. Feel free to spritz the flowers with your favorite spray to give them a special scent of your choosing.

2. Variety: When walking into a flower shop, there is often a lack of variety. You will not always be able to find a specific type of flower or plant, due to seasonal shifts or shop availability. Faux flowers will have a consistent variety that you can genuinely count on for your next special occasion. There will be no fear of dying or unavailable flowers!

3. Allergy Considerations: We can all think of that one relative or friend with terrible pollen allergies, and they often suffer at celebrations and parties where flowers are present. Opting for artificial flowers completely removes this issue, and will ensure that all party guests can enjoy the event. They will also make a terrific gift for a loved one with a severe pollen allergy, as they can enjoy the beauty of a bouquet without the annoying consequences.

4. Usefulness: Faux flowers are not only for weddings and large events. They can also be purchased and used for dining centerpieces, floral decorations, or other inspired decor. With a little dusting, these flowers can be used for years. If you choose to purchase faux flowers for an event, it is great to know that you will be able to utilize those flowers for other purposes and truly get your money’s worth.

5. No Faux Flower Season: Of course, there is no faux flower season. Real flowers have distinct seasons, and certain flowers are only available at certain times of the year. This means that you will likely not be able to have that special dream bouquet depending on the time of year. Or, you may have to confront the anxiety of shipping those real flowers from other locations. Choosing artificial flowers removes this stress, and allows for the individual to choose the exact flowers they imagined.