Why You Should Use Faux Flowers at Your Wedding

When planning a beautiful wedding, it can be stressful to take on the task of choosing the perfect bouquet and centerpieces. Every bride and groom wants their occasion to be perfect, which can be quite stressful. To remove a little bit of stress to an incredible day, opt for faux flowers rather than real ones. Some brides and grooms may be stuck on the idea of choosing the “real thing” rather than an artificial option, but it is necessary to understand the advantages to choosing faux flowers on your wedding day.

Of course, it is important to consider the fact that guests may have severe pollen allergies. Events with real flowers can trigger those allergies and create a difficult event for those individuals. However, the happy couple should be a central consideration to this event. A wedding may invoke anxiety, especially when considering the financial aspect, in-laws, and long term planning of what should be a magical day. Read below about how choosing faux flowers can reduce the stress of your wedding day.

Season Considerations: When choosing the perfect bouquet, most couples must consider the seasons of flowers. Artificial flowers will completely remove that concern, and instead allow for the couple to choose the exact type of flowers and plants they want presented at their wedding. They will not have to worry about potential shipping issues, dying flowers, or the maintenance of real flowers. There will also be a consistent variety to choose from when planning the wedding.

Wedding Day Maintenance: Depending when the flowers are purchased and delivered to the venue, there will be different levels of care for real flowers. Someone may need to water them, provide plant food, or place the flowers in the sunlight before the event. Some florists will provide these services, but it is a considered expense within the wedding budget. With faux flowers, you can remove this potential maintenance altogether. Set up these flowers whenever possible, and they will be in the same perfect condition you left them in.

Future Purposes: The best part about choosing faux flowers for your wedding day is it allows for additional purposes. The happy couple can purchase these flowers before the wedding day, and utilize them for all wedding events and photoshoots. It maintains a sense of consistency and theme throughout the wedding planning process. Plus, you will be able to keep these flowers and dust them off for future events.

Weddings are an absolutely beautiful time, and every couple deserves a stress free day. People are typically concerned that faux flowers will appear tacky, but choosing decent quality flowers is comparable to the real deal. Artificial flower brands are specialists in ensuring that their flowers appear real, vibrant, and appealing. You can even spray a special scent on your artificial flowers to give them a delicious, fresh smell. Happy planning!